Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Celine DION!

" First of all, if i may apologise to all of you for having to reschedule the show. I know that it's always, it's not always easy to postpone and reschedule everyone's schedule. Everybody has work, everybody has family.*claps*. I was a little sick and i want to be here and have fun and be in top shape, and i want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for giving me another chance to perform for you tonight. Are you ready? Should we go on with the show? *cheers and claps* " -Celine Dion on Taking Chances World Tour

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a diva in her own way, a mother, a wife and a songstress whose voice can soar above the rest. She is the one and only, the magnificent, powerful and fantastic Celine Dion! And she stepped foot in Malaysia for her first time, staging her World Tour- Taking Chances. Being her fan since young, i grabbed this golden opportunity to watch her live in Stadium Merdeka, together with my enthusiastic aunt and my sister. The entire night was filled with excitement, amazement and joy as she graced the stage with her professionalism and outstanding voice! Flawless, i would describe her, stellar, i would comment on her performance, and an incredible experience i would say on the whole. Cheers!

4.30pm - Waited impatiently for my aunt to come and immediately left when she arrived- want to find the perfect spot to watch her since it's free seating.

5.05pm - Searched for a safe spot to park my aunt's car before heading to Stadium Merdeka.

5.30pm - Queued in line at the ticket collection counter since we bought the tickets online. After getting our tickets, we strolled along the outside of the stadium and searched for our entrance gate. As we walked, we heard Celine rehearsing from the outside. This amplifies my eagerness to watch her perform later!

5.45pm - OMG! We found our entrance gate but the line was long. Very long. We thought we came early as the doors only opens at 7 but to my surprise, many were already there! Decided not to have dinner yet just to book a place in the line so we had some little bites on the chicken kebab and burger selling near the gate. Waited impatiently, again!

6.45pm - An hour in the line, and the line just kept lengthening. Lucky we were early. The gate opened and people began to rush in. Some 'uncivilised' people even cut queue- we aren't those type. Passed through the checking booth and quickly searched for the perfect spot to watch Celine- the right angle.

7.00pm - Found the perfect spot and took photographs of the place. Fortunately, no cameras and video cams were allowed in the area but handphones were okay- still cautious when doing it though.

Crowd began to flood in.

Close-up picture of the stage.

The awesome trio!

I ain't joking, the seats were filling fast!

7.05pm - Another hour to her performance. Chit chatted to pass time- like we did an hour before this! The atmosphere in the stadium is nice- breezy, excited and the effect of the sunset looks lovely. Turning dark soon.

Dark, the best time to have a concert. Plus, it didn't rain as it rained heavily before showtime.

8.05pm- The show should have started 5 minutes ago. Thanks to our fashionably late royalties, the show wasn't able to start yet. Self- amusement, we did the Mexican wave- although i knew this wasn't so right for it. It was funny and entertaining, just so not to feel time's up. Laughed continuously when we did the wave.

Almost full house. Nice huh?

8.45pm - The show kicked off! She opened the show with I Drove All Night- get it? She started off the show brilliantly! Next she did Power Of Love, her famously known ballad. She also performed other hit songs. She sang Taking Chances from her latest album, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, All By Myself (accompanied by piano), I'm Your Angel, To Love You More, Think Twice, Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore (French), I'm Alive and Because You Love Me. All those songs ended with thunderous claps and cheers from the audience, and me! She also performed new songs from her Taking Chances album like Shadow Of Love, Eyes On Me and My Love. She did Queen's We Will Rock You and Show Must Go On. She really caters to all, with songs ranging from ballad to rock and pop to jazz genre. Really versatile.

10.30pm - ' Goodnight Malaysia!' was what she last said. We were shocked the show ended fast but she sang continuously! But she didn't sing our favourite yet! My heart, our hearts, the audience's heart sank as we thought she ended the show without our most anticipated song of the night. The stage was dark and no sound was heard. Then...

The two side screens played the song we wanted to hear live the most. And we waited anxiously for Celine Dion to rise. She emerged and wore a stunning gown to close the show. Our hearts were beating again. She closed the show in style, and it was worth every cents paid. Wow, she sang so well! Plus, it was the out-of-this-world My Heart Will Go On, from Titanic.

She ended the show with a bow and a 'terima kasih', and the crowd grew wild and excited. But it's time to go already. Bye Celine, and i hope to hear from you soon! A fabulous night!

11.00pm - Headed to fill our stomach. Saw Bernard Chandran. Went home by 12 midnight!

wco8, really enjoyed the whole night and Celine Dion's concert was sure the best, by far! In awe, i'll miss you!

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