Sunday, August 18, 2013

Season 10, Episode 2: Imagine.

"There's where my demons hide." - Demons, Imagine Dragons

So here i am, posting my second post of this last season in the second last week of the semester. Time really flies and lately, nostalgia accompanies the mixed emotions i am feeling. The semester and stress have been weighing in heavy on me, time filled with projects more than attending lectures. Sometimes, i felt the project was bigger than me, that i found myself struggling to rise to the occasion. But i'm not here to talk about it. I could only say that i had given my best and best be prepared for what is ahead in these remaining weeks.

Our days are numbered, some even began counting down the days. We celebrated our five years anniversary. Five years ago, i came in immature and young, not knowing what i was doing and not knowing who i wanted to be. Five years later, i can't say that i've known it all or know the answers to the questions. We had our last tutorial session (may be in my entire study life) and if any tutorial session is to be remembered, it is this. Years of being with my friends in class, helping one another to solve the questions, makes me think about the future. I am who i am today because of my friends too.

Sometimes over at dinner, or just hanging out and chatting, we recollect our memories of the earlier days of university life- the courses, the old neighbourhood, the spontaneous adventures, other friends and how some of us have changed, physically. There is a quote: good friends know your stories, best friends live in them.

In the past few weeks, we went for whitewater rafting in Gopeng, thanks to Groupon, one of my to-do list was fulfilled. We explored and favoured the Pusing food stalls. I had the famous Bota satay. The random movie nights and late nights. There's still much to do with so little time.

I've also read The Highest Tide and Life of Pi, both very interesting books. The Great House was confusing to fit the pieces of the story together at first but in the end, when i got it, it is pretty amazing. Oh, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, Monster University and Percy Jackson; so many movies. And not to mention, the craze over the minions by McD. Even the outlet in Seri Iskandar was sold out and people queued up at midnight for the new editions.

Why i titled this post Imagine is simple: just imagine. The future. I've mentioned about the uncertainty but what i am most concerned is, will i change in the future and forget the person i am today. I know i sound a bit sappy but this is a different industry and a different generation. I need people to remind me of who i am and not be lost in the many things i am soon to be in. Very soon, i am stepping into another stage of my life and time is of true essence and the quality of it is precious. I get excited and nervous just thinking of it.

Five years ago, i would never have imagined myself now. I was just telling my friends that five years ago, we imagined university life and the years we have to undertake and now, we are so near the finishing line. Time itself is a wonder is it?

wc13 has a powerful imagination, but at the end of the day, he needs to come down to reality and face the truth. In these few weeks, he needs to push through the presentations and reports before the final of final examination.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Season 10, Episode 1: Do To-Do List

"This is the book i never read, 
these are the words i never said, 
this is the path i'll never thread, 
these are the dreams i'll dream instead..." 
- Why, Michelle Chamuel

Remember in the previous post, i mentioned about a single entry apart from it being the only post of the season? Keeping to my word, i'll tell you what it is about. To begin, my semester started a week late, because i was busy being in Beijing, China for the first week. We (me along with four friends) were selected to participate in the Future Petroleum Engineers Conference in China University of Petroleum Beijing, China.

Two main reasons why i applied for this opportunity: conference experience and Beijing.

When i came into my uni (and now going to leave this place soon), i made one item on my to-do list, that was, to represent my university in a competition. I knew sports was not my forte, so given this chance on an international platform, i was more than thrilled and blessed, that ticking this item on the list was a pleasure. The build up to the event was exciting nonetheless. After being selected, we had to send our details for registration, prepare our technical paper for Paper Contest, brush up knowledge on oil and gas related topics, book our flight tickets, and apply for the visa. The visa that we applied for was a single entry visa, hence, the meaning behind the title. When all was ready and done, the journey began.

We arrived at the KLIA on time for our flight to Hong Kong then to Beijing via Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air. It would be my first experience on a Cathay Pacific plane; however, due to a technical error, the plane could not fly and we were delayed over six hours. For compensation, we had vouchers for Burger King. Pressing for time, we flew via MAS directly into Beijing Airport, arriving past midnight. Greeted by Jack, the committee in charge, we got to our hotel around 3am, slept approximately 4 am, and morning-called about 7am. We had our eye bags on.

Day 1 was not that tiring- opening ceremony, tour around the campus and meeting new people. The air in Beijing was bad. The weather still chilly after Spring. In the tour, i noticed the many bicycles! Basements for bicycle parking, indicate healthy lifestyle? Day 2 was stressful as it was one of the main highlights of this event- PetroBowl competition. We got fourth, and although we didn't win, i believe we put on a great show. If only i'd pressed the buzzer quicker. Nevertheless, it was memorable. At night, we went to a public park and joined in an aerobic class. With prying eyes at us, we returned to our hotel. Day 3 was the Paper Contest and it was good in the sense that we received feedback from professional in the industry to improve our projects. At night, we hung out with our committee and their friends. We went for karaoke after dinner.

Day 4 was the day i really mingled with the other participants, exchanged contacts and be friends, and it was a day i was looking forward to. We went to the Great Wall of China! Then to Nanluguoxia and then to the Olympic Park! And for dinner, we had hot pots (liken to steamboat in Malaysia). Saying our goodbyes was not easy but i'm sure in time, we will meet again.

That was the end of the conference, but not the journey. We extended our stay to explore more of Beijing and honestly, Beijing blew me away- good and bad. It was much bigger than i expected. We went to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street, Summer Palace, National Grand Theater, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Donghuamen Street, Silk Market, and Beijing Zoo. More story on these places can be found in my other blog: We flew back to Malaysia via Dragon Air and Cathay Pacific, but i was too tired to enjoy my flight experience- i was practically knocked out on the plane. The moment we took off, i fell asleep and when i woke up, i heard the co-pilot requesting the stewardess to take their seats for landing.

Returning to my uni, i expected to have post-hols blues but luckily, i didn't. This semester, this season, is my final year, final semester moment- and i only have one study course and two project courses. Every week can be said to be my mid-sem break; i have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday only. Sometimes busy, sometimes free, this season will also see much of me wanting to complete my to-do list.

Two weeks back, we had an outing to Pangkor Island- my first, ticked. It was a great trip; recalling the experience makes me miss the waves. Just this morning, my batchmates organized a Sports Day. I was in the Red House, the champion team, but beyond the competition, it was a wonderful bonding moment for all of us and definitely a memory we will all cherish far and out of this uni years.

So many things to explore, to discover, but time is limited. Let me return to the to-do list, prioritze and keep strong balance between the serious stuff and play time. wc13 is ready.

*Ratings for previous season was four star.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Season 9, Episode 1: Single Entry.

Can you believe it? The only post for this semester, in this blog, is at the end of the semester. I cannot think of any other fitting title than 'Single Entry.' because, obviously, it is a single entry to this season and because of another reason i shall disclose by the end of this post.

Final year student. People say final year is when your timetable becomes free-er. True, emphasis on the timetable, because while the classes became less, the workload or stress did not decrease. Instead, there were weeks when we were packed with things to complete or submit, and be evaluated. In this season, i took 5 courses; 4 subjects, 1 final year project. If memory serves me right, i will go through this post from Week 1, so the next time i look back, i will be able to remember what i had done.

I began Week 1 with my heart and mind still in the magnificence of Cambodia. Fresh from the holiday, filled with post-hol mood, Week 1 was nothing much. Some lecturers weren't even in yet, so classes were not entirely serious. The main highlight of the first few weeks is the selection of our final year project topic. While the proper way is to bid for our preferred topic on first come first basis, some, me included, went to the lecturer to get the topic beforehand. Much drama, much anxiety, i got a topic which is current and promising. Only time will tell how far i can go, with the knowledge i have.

One of the weekends was Thaipusam and since i was back in KL, i decided to visit Batu Caves for the celebration. If i can withstand the crowd, the next time i will go to Batu Caves is the next Thaipusam. The atmosphere was amazing, colourful and i simply enjoyed immersing myself in the vividness and variety of culture. Chinese New Year was next- so how can we really start the semester until later weeks? My friends and i had a reunion dinner to celebrate CNY and to celebrate our journey over the past 8 seasons. Food was good, companions were better. In the same note of cultural activities, a few of us went to a temple in Ipoh to celebrate Chap Goh Mei. Again, i enjoyed being there. The activities going on created and amplified the festive mood, knowing that it was the last day of CNY. I also liked the temple. There was an interesting bridge of rocks where we need to close our eyes and cross it. I did that. Then we hiked up the hill, in the dark, in the night.

We had other outings. Movie outings. Makan outings. The Impossible, definitely a tear-jerking, moving movie. Journey to the West by Stephen Chow had some really good laughs. Hansel and Gretel gives action non-stop. Had original white coffee hunt. Had nasi kandar people called nasi ganja. Had Swiss roll hunt. Visited wall paintings. Karaoke sessions. Late night mamak sessions or McD supper. Light paintings too! Oh, these memories of a final year student. Suddenly feeling that there is so much to be done with so little time left. Oh yes, my friends celebrated my birthday at Secret Recipe. Two two, yo!

It was not all fun all the way. Quizzes, tests, assignments and projects. Did our first filming for a coursework. There were times when work got so loaded, my head spun. The idea of final exams also too, is intimidating, after being almost a year without one. I think for the serious stuffs, i'll leave it until here.

And yes, before i forget, there's this sudden urge and desire to play Bridge, or Hearts, during our meal sessions. An interesting game, even more interesting if plots and twists are added to confuse the game. I think these add fun and complexity to the game, though not all will agree with me.

I did promise another reason for this title at the top of my blog, right? Check out my food and travel blog site. It's Click it and you'll find nothing there related to this, yet, other than it being the same author.

So the other reason is, this title also indicates a single entry visa to a country. Where to? wc13 will tell you in the next post, at the end of the end.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Call me Wack: The Internship Experience

Seven months of internship just flew by, in a blink of an eye. So fast, that i can easily remember my first day at the office, even to the smallest details like my attire, choosing my desk, where i stood, and meeting the people that were brought into my life to guide me on a whole new experience. I used to believe, and still am a strong believer, that internship does not change a man; it makes us grow and mature in many ways and in various angles, to see things on a wider perspective and to serve as a prelude to what the future may hold. This post is going to be a very, very long post with as many pictures to include as i can because, above all, my internship experience cannot by summarized in one paragraph of five sentences. I apologize if this may dissatisfy you or bore you with narcissism; I meant no harm and my intentions are pure and noble with the sole purpose to share my wonderful journey with you, at the same time, thanking the people that made this journey memorable. To make this extra special, names will be used.

Every journey begins with a plan, even when you say you don't have a plan, that is your plan; this journey to SPT Group began in mid March when i first received an email stating that i was shortlisted for a phone interview. The phone interview lasted almost 50 minutes and a few days later, i was offered an internship placement in the company. Dilemma arose when i was offered another internship placement at another company, and having to choose one over another was not something easy to do. Eventually, i took the road newly traveled, found my way into SPT Group, landed in the flow assurance team and befriending a powerful simulator, OLGA. Reflecting on the decision i made, i wouldn't say it was the best choice (being best is an over-statement); it was the right choice- right because i came in knowing what my goals for the internship are and successfully achieving them in the end.

I came in wanting to have exposure to the industry, learn, meet new people, travel, and at the same time experience anything new- being general here. I can say that i have my fair share of them all, may be some portions larger than i expected. Before i traverse further on each element, let me first introduce myself, the title of this post, my username for the past twenty eight weeks, the surprisingly quirky: Wack. Never in my twenty one years of living did i realize this unique combination of my initials. By definition, a wack is a crazy or eccentric person; wacky is the adjective to describe funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way. Whether the person wears the name, or the name wears the person, i may just be using Wack for a long, long time- and always a reminder to this wonderful journey.

I have the luxury of spending my internship living in my home in KL with my family. They have been truly supportive throughout this journey and i can't thank them enough or tell how grateful i am. Sometimes, i found myself guilty for needing them to fetch me to and fro from the LRT stations at odd hours or to the office in the massive traffic, or cooking and keeping dinner or meals for me, amongst others. Their investments are definitely to be returned, in multiple folds, in the near future- my word is with you, loud to the world. On another note, as food and travel are our interests, this journey has brought us through various new places, and a revisit to one of my favourite attractions- caving at Gua Tempurung, Perak. We also explored Tanjung Sepat and its mushroom farm, fishball factory and passion fruit aplenty with the delicious 'pau's, Ijok's fried brinjals and found the famous beggar chicken restaurant, and Raub with its fantastic chicken 'kurma', tauhu-pok, super sweet jackfruits and peanuts! We ran the 'Terry Fox Run' together, celebrated birthdays and graduations. These are just snippets of my weekends with my family (and extended family) members.

Terry Fox Run KL 2012 with family.


Gua Tempurung trip.

Exploring Raub and its 'golden' nuts.

In the office, back to business, i have the privilege to work with the best supervisor, Dr Lim. He was helpful and kind, willing to share and dedicated in guiding me throughout this internship, equipping me with knowledge and expanding my scope of experience. His advices are also food for thoughts. There are so much more for me to learn and this was just another stepping stone. Leonardo, our Mexican colleague and lunch mate- who bought us unique and special Mexican cuisine lunch before our last week; Francis, Pei Wen's supervisor who also pushed us for the better; Murni; Francesco; Dr Bazlee; Ramon; Zalina- also for the Raya experience; Azwan; Jay Ee; Erni; Maryam; Wing; Misuari- i can still remember having a meeting with client on my first day at the office; Erwan; Nur; Firdaus; Azlin; Sophia; Asraf; Michael; Steve; Rahel; Hemant; Gunasekar, office desk 'neighbours' Brenda, Andreas, Alexandre and Iain, UTP supervisor, Mr Amin, and Pei Wen, my internship companion and compatriot. Thank you all for the experiences (and the farewell lunches).

With amazing supervisor, Dr Lim.

With Dr Pearce and Leonardo.

With Sophia from London office.

Farewell lunch with supervisors, Dr Lim and Francis, and Ramon.

Great lunch with Leonardo y familia at La Mexicana.
Pei Wen's supervisor, Francis.

 With Andreas from Norway office.

With Dr Bazlee and Zalina after presentation on the last day of internship.

With Azlin from Sales Department.

With bubbly Murni.

With Azwan from Perth office and Wing from Drilling Department.

Meet Asraf, the IT guy of the office.

With Michael from the Reservoir Department.

With Gunasekar from Dubai office.

With Rahel, the Well pro!

With the big boss in the office, Francesco.

With Brenda from the Drilling Department.

With Hemant from India.

 Meet HR officer, Nur.

There are good days and bad, stressful days in the office- but let's just look at the bright side. In my time, i got the chance to work on flow assurance projects. I had two pet projects with the opportunities to conduct presentations to the team in this region. They were really memorable as, while i enjoy giving presentations, nerves do sometimes get the better half of me. I further got to develop my presentation skills. Apart from that, i got to experience real project workflow, from start to the end- something i really wanted to experience in this internship. I got to learn things i didn't in UTP. The numerous trainings i went to were valuable, with new knowledge gained and good food. Simultaneously, i met new people in the training courses and appreciated their sharing on the industry- or life. Without this internship in this company, i would never have imagined myself dining in a sumptuous Norwegian seafood buffet in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, serenaded by Adibah Noor, 'buka puasa' dinner buffet at Impiana Hotel and local lunch buffet twice at Double Tree Hotel. Plus, the numerous times to House restaurant at Ground-Lower Ground Floors during days with training. I've also frequented the Ampang Park food court, Chinese shop in Ampang Park, Chinese Temple for vegetarian food, the nearby 'ikan bakar', Intermark food court, and occasionally to Imbi for lunches. One reminder: always have an umbrella, always be prepared.
Never had so much seafood all in one night, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Some of the food at the lunch in Double Tree Hotel, KL. 

Mexican food.

Being in the office most of the time for work, i found it a need to move about, sweat. And to sweat, i signed up for the gym membership at Elements Gym in G Tower. Convenient as it just few floors below my office, i have surely gained new strengths, literally, and skills through the classes i attended. My evenings at the gym were booked, each day different than the other. Mondays, Pilates. Tuesdays, Dance class. Wednesdays, Spinning and Latin dance class. Thursdays, swimming. Fridays, Capoeira. Body rested during weekends before the weekly routine of classes resumed. From these classes, i met great people- my instructors to the other 'classmates'. My first, trial class was the Capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts which i was very much inclined to learn. There, i met instructors Terry and Kennedy, seniors Wang, Natasha, Zhuo Yen, Zita, Akira, Sachi, and few other students i cannot remember their names now. I learned the moves, and combinations of moves; the reasons and physics behind some of the deadly moves and some of the reasons to my mistakes. It was interesting. On another note, i got to do a headstand against the wall and am still practising for a handstand. Also, lately, for the dinner together after class at Pelita and Subway.

Some of the Capoeira mates, met since the firs day of training.

In Pilates on mat, i have not had my body and limbs stretched this much. I disliked the 'hundred', guided by Frederick (hopefully it's rightly spelled). Having said that, Pilates does have a relaxing effect after the exercise and i was fond at the exercise routine. In Dance class, led by energetic Chris, i got the chance to release my artsy, dance side, one i have let sleep for a long time and never really have the courage to awake it. I have definitely learned to let loose and just move to the beat of the music- rhythm moves me, as it always has been. Same goes to the Latin dance class, where i learned mostly the 'cha-cha', 'bachata' and 'merengue'. One hour in dance classes felt so short. There, i met Rizal, Armia, and, blame it on my poor memory, some others i cannot remember their names now. Hopefully, these will ease me on the dance floor in the future and, not sounding desperate, pick a girl. One of the most tiring classes had to be the Spinning class- 45 minutes of pain, sweat and tears- exaggerating here, no tears. Pushed by Falcon, each 'ride' was filled with uphills and sprints. What i liked most was that, like the dance class, rhythm moves me, and the music that accompanied us through the 'ride' created a Rocky-feel. Also, working out in a team has its perks. To these classes, i've learned that loyalty and discipline made me go back, class after class, week after week. Needless to say, i tried Yoga- and in the first class, i was trying to refrain myself from laughing.

Dance 'Again' with Chris.

Pilates instructor, Frederick.

Falcon, the Spinning instructor.

Bringing out the Latin side at Latin dance class.

Being in KL also meant more time for meet-ups and gatherings with school friends. Though hard to schedule a gathering, we did manage to meet on several occasions- trying out the much-talkabout Burger Kaw-Kaw, movie dates and dinner at Subang. Oh, i just enjoy catching up- even if it's a week apart that we met. With some UTP friends interning in KL as well, likewise difficult to schedule gatherings, we did meet on several occasions- first day of internship dinner, MATTA fair outing, birthday dinner, impromptu lunches at Ampang Park, Wisma Cetral and the Chinese Temple, end of internship dinner, movie dates and visit to the Petronas Twin Towers' Skybridge and Level 86!

Since we didn't really take much photos, i use this to represent.

On the Sky Bridge at Petronas Twin Towers, KL.

 Celebrating birthday.
Likewise, i use these two photos to represent the several other gatherings.

Aside from these, i got the rare opportunity to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton in KL, amongst the sea of people. My internship experience also included Euro Football Championship and the great Olympics- means late nights on and off. Thanks to my friend's treat, i got to watch Jennifer Lopez (and her booty shake) live in Malaysia, despite the drizzle.

So close...

Queued for the free Baskin Robbins to commemorate the Olympics and Malaysia's silver medal. 

Here i am now, after i have submitted the report and all related documents to UTP, officially, my internship journey has ended. I have done my best and, truly, this remarkable journey is one i will cherish for eternity. Exposure to the industry, check. Meet new people, check. Travel, check. What else more can i say about my internship experience than to say how grateful i am to have this awesomeness! If i have unintentionally left your name out in this long list of names to thank, please know that by knowing and reading this, you-know-who-you-are, i am thanking you too.

A month's away from the final year of study, wc12 is away to finalize his trip to Cambodia, at the same time, making sure he's fit and fiddle through this festive season: here's to wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Season 8, Episode 5: Exhausted, excited.

"They say time flies when we are having fun. Exams make time zap through. So, exams are a thing called 'fun'?"

I'm exhausted. Mentally. I may be wrong, but think i'm not, that this was the first time in my uni examination life i had a three-paper marathon, that is, 3 exams in 30 hours. My mind literally flipped from one topic to another, economics to engineering and back to economics. Brain is a wonder, don't you think? And the body deals with the physical stress. It could be the weather; i wasn't feeling well, unfortunately, on the day before my first paper and until today, you can hear my sneeze and the change in my voice.

With four papers over, i am finally done for this semester- after battling the nose and the brain. And soon, the new chapter begins- life as an intern. Somehow, i'm looking forward to it- didn't i mention this in my previous post? Anyway, i'd say again. Internship sounds like a fun and interesting way to learn and i'm hoping to learn lots through this new territory i'm venturing into. Between now and then, i have at least 3 weeks. So my plans? Again, the firsts of many, i have not yet any solid plan for my holidays. My friend commented that it may be because of the long holiday i had. Probably, but a holiday is a holiday and if there is none yet, i'll find one. I'm out for adventure!

To sum up the last lecture day of the semester, we had a PE dinner to celebrate pre-internship of which we might not meet each other for the next 7 to 8 months- and i thought 4 months were long. In short, the dinner was awesome. Food and place was just okay, but the people were the stars of the night. Not the entire class but big enough to pose trouble for me to remember all your names. One day in the future, we will definitely look back at this memorable day. Each day is history in the making.

A group photo of us at the dinner.

During Foundation years, we had a similar shot of this where we pose like characters in a Chinese TVB drama.

A crazy shot during our 'class' photo- trying to mimic LMFAO if you know what i mean.

Group photo at the top of Bukit Kledang. In my other blog, i posted about it.

Briefly, this semester had been a wild ride. After 4 months of holidays, getting back into the mood took some time. I turned 21 midway through the semester. I traveled more places- my target is to explore most of Ipoh or Perak before i graduate.

Life is surely happening, or i make it happen!

wc12 closes the eighth season with...

KL... here i come!*

* you'll understand this better the next time around.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Season 8, Episode 4: Pulling through...

"If being likeable means changing who you are, will you change?"

My exams are just around the corner- two days to be exact. So why am i blogging here, now?

Well, to release tension, i suppose. Blogging or writing gives me pleasure and relaxes my mind from all the formulas and theories. I have stacks of papers filled with information which i need to understand, learn, or the worst case, memorize. Having said that, this exam marks my 8th time in my uni life- and the chapters are soon coming to an end. I always mention that time passes fast and really, it is. From four years ago, i am here now and again facing the exams. And a week away, i'm done for this season, for this semester.

Revising and revising, sometimes, i have to admit, i get a little exhausted and bored. Somehow, i am overly excited to begin my internship in June. May be at this point of time, i am inclined to do some 'other' thing than to study but when internship comes, i might say otherwise. But you get the point- that i am looking forward to my internship after the exams.

Midway during study week, i took some time out and watched The Avengers and it was, simply, awesome. I can't say much but to compliment on its brilliance at every level- characterization, plot, values, action scenes and the acting. One day, i will produce something as great as the Marvel did- not comics for sure, i don't have an artist's hands, but i am surely filled with imagination!

I guess it's time to revert to those papers and bury my nose in them. Since living life with no regrets, i shall do my best for the examinations and hope for the best that is yet to come.

wc12 prepares his suit like Iron Man, gets his hammer like Thor, carries a shield like Captain America, sharpens the arrows like Hawkeye and calms himself down like Hulk ready to challenge the villain- the eighth final examination of his uni life!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Season 8, Episode 3: Angry, at no one...

"Why would an amazing woman like you even talk to a man like me?"

"Sometimes, all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage." - We Bought A Zoo

At no one but myself. I thought i would be able to blog with a happy mind, if not a relaxed mind, but the table has turned and i am writing this with an entirely mix of emotions. I thought, after the test, i would be able to come back and watch a movie- as reward, but now all i feel is to beat myself up, and binge! I had the idea to score, if not ace the test, but now i only hope what i did was my best and best be rewarded.

It was one of the toughest tests since Organic Chemistry. And now that i expressed it out, i wish no further to revisit that thought.

Instead, turn mind to happier thoughts. The world is not ending; not yet.

I recently watched We Bought A Zoo and in short, it is highly recommended. One of the top animal movies, filled with brilliant acting, great storyline and amazing soundtrack. I was smiling by the first 20 minutes of the movie, and although in the end i wanted to cry, i couldn't because i was smiling. It is that good!

Hoppipolla, one of the soundtracks is an amazing listen! It has an inspiring tune, melodious, tear-jerking and fit perfectly at the scene of the movie. The song, i'm sure it sounds familiar to you, is also the theme song in the Earth Hour 2012 montage. Worth listening.

I have infrequent this blog, my apologies, and no excuse will be given. This semester is getting tougher- i know, it's now the last 2 weeks of the semester. Time passes so fast i feel like i did not learn as much as i should. I have projects piled and tests to undertake. I keep telling myself i have pulled through such situation before and this is another obstacle as a student. Having said that, it is still challenging and every obstacle- even though similar, is not but a raised bar. Sometimes i expect too much of myself, i exert pressure within. Now, i'm learning to let go.

Watching love stories, it makes me think if i will be finding my 'one' soon. I ask my heart if i'm ready to fall in love, and it says yes!

So now i'm 21, and i'm ready to fall in love.

wc12, angry is but a state of mind. If he chooses not to be angry and fills himself with happy environment and happy people instead, he will be happy.

"I'm happiest when i'm being myself, and i'm happiest when i'm with you."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season 8, Episode 2: Decisions...

"What if life only has one path and you have no choice but to travel that single route?"

I am now officially 21. I had an awesome party with my family and friends, and i will post or blog about it in more detail soon.

Recently, i watched 'This Means War' and surprisingly, the movie was entertaining and good. A quote from the movie about mistakes made me think. Mistakes make us who we are, and i cannot agree on it any further. There are so many decisions to make since birth, as a child, and we are given the luxury to choose. Sometimes, unfortunately, our decision does not lead us to our destination. That is when we have to build ourselves up and learn from those mistakes. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. On the flip side, some choices made can really turn your life around.

Thinking about making decisions, my mind always flies back to the time i was in Primary 3, when i was offered the choice to pass Primary 4. It was a big decision. But being age 9, not fully matured, my decision was influenced by many factors that ultimately, i entered Primary 5 when school reopened. Fortunately, i see this decision as a life-turning point and i am mostly who i am today because of that leap.

Currently, my friends and i are searching for internship placements for our internship period beginning this June. I have said this timelessly, that waiting is a tiring game. We sent our mails and only hoped to receive a reply. We checked our mail box everyday, pressured when news that spread about companies emailing shortlisted candidates. Even more disheartening when i checked the inbox to find none of that subject. It made me wonder if i actually sent the application or if they received it. Or what criteria the companies were looking for.

I received two local 'calls' that might offer me a placement recently. I was overwhelmed and speechless when i first received the 'calls'. Really, i was speechless, because finally, someone read my application and called. After so much waiting, i was shortlisted.

Then it was decision time. When i did not get any, i did not get any. When i got, i got two, and i was in deep dilemma to decide which to choose within short time frames. In the end, i had to make a decision, and now i can only pray that my decision made will be one that i like and will forever remember.

Back to the quote at the top of this post, what if there is nothing to choose from? Would that make life easier? Definitely, but throughout my post, if you have not realized, decisions make life interesting; me different from the others. I made a decision to study Petroleum Engineering, i made a decision to be in UTP, and i make my decision whether to be happy or sad.

wc12 realizes every step is a decision made, consciously or subconsciously.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Season 8, Episode 1: Not forgotten...

"Life is like a book- no two pages the same, always a progression, and every value gained is forever."

The 4 months break went by in a whoosh! Cliche as it is, time do fly when we're having fun, ain't it? My four months were good. Could be better, but good. I know i enjoyed myself, i know i did what i wanted to do and although some may not yet reach its goal, i'm getting there. The thing is, it has started, it has rolled and it will continue rolling.

This post has been delayed for many many weeks. Delayed, but not forgotten, and here i am, blogging from the confines of my room. At the time of this writing, i am already at the end of Week 6 of my semester. Fast, isn't it, that those 4 months felt like yesterday.

I can feel the stress weighing in for this semester. Courses are tougher- but what they say about tough? The tough gets going. Growing up is filled with obstacles and challenges, and what i hope for myself is to grow further and leap past this hurdles and come out stronger than i already am.

With that being said, my perspectives have changed. With age comes maturity, comes wisdom. I'm blogging, a week away from turning 21. 20 years of living, no regrets. Could be better, but no regrets.

I am not entirely disconnected from the blogosphere. I just shifted my attention to another blog that focuses on food and travel. This series is coming to an end soon. Two more seasons- but look at how the 7 flashed in a second. Nostalgic, season 1 was good 3 years back! So being in Tronoh makes me want to explore the places around here and continue to experience new things. I've been to Sitiawan twice, Ipoh several times, caved Gua Tempurung, hiked Bukit Kledang, ate bean sprout chicken 'nga choi kai', 'hiong pang' and recalled Bukit Merah outing fondly. More is to explore and you can check them out and stay updated at

After 4 months, i had my first test. And just to say, it blew me off. Could be better, but what is done is done.

This semester is also the time i start to scamper for an internship placement. The waiting game is torturing, but there is nothing i can do but to endure and pray that i will get somewhere. Time will tell.

At a week before mid sem. I promise to write more here. After all, this blog is where my first love resides.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


"Life's too short, gotta live it long..." - Young Homie, Chris Rene.

Clock struck midnight, fireworks shot to the sky, wishes swam in the sea of people.

There is something about the new year that, to me, is worth celebrating. Whether it is the ushering in of the new year or the exiting of the old, i enjoy new year countdowns. Sometimes, it feels rather nostalgic reflecting on all the wonderful moments the year had been. There are ups and downs in life but we learn on those down moments and pick ourselves up. Sometimes, it's exciting to imagine what the new year will bring.

At the rooftop of my house, a few friends and family of mine gathered, patiently waiting for the thundering sounds of fireworks to welcome the year. We wanted to initiate a countdown but the time on each of our watches were not the same. So we waited for the fireworks, assuming their time was right. One by one, the night sky was lit.

The new year. 2012. Begins.

Time to refresh and update resolutions. The year i turn legal age to enter the casino. The next phase of my study life experience. Try extreme sports. The list goes on and on.

Lately, i watched the reruns of True Beauty: Face of Vegas. Initially, i did not like the reality show. But as i watched, i found the show good not only for the contestants but the viewers as well. Trust me, everyone judges everyone some point, some time in their lives- may be everyday. And watching the show, nowadays, i felt like i was in the competition and someone was watching me, judging me. In the show, try putting yourself in the shoes of the contestants and see what you would do. Be honest. See yourself, measure yourself. I did, and frankly, i'd be embarrassed of myself at some of its challenges. Though i know i am not in any reality show at the moment, something inside reminds me to help others, show compassion and empathy, and be kind to the people around you. It doesn't hurt to be nice to people. It costs you nothing but it means the world to those you help, whatever size your help may be.

This goes on my resolution list- not for the sake of winning the competition but in becoming a better, more beautiful person. As the host of the show said, 'true beauty comes from within'. I may be one individual, but if that one individual becomes everybody, the world will be a safer, kindlier and peaceful place to live for all of us.

Let this year start the change in you if you have not been.

Two-zero-one-two. wc12.