Sunday, August 18, 2013

Season 10, Episode 2: Imagine.

"There's where my demons hide." - Demons, Imagine Dragons

So here i am, posting my second post of this last season in the second last week of the semester. Time really flies and lately, nostalgia accompanies the mixed emotions i am feeling. The semester and stress have been weighing in heavy on me, time filled with projects more than attending lectures. Sometimes, i felt the project was bigger than me, that i found myself struggling to rise to the occasion. But i'm not here to talk about it. I could only say that i had given my best and best be prepared for what is ahead in these remaining weeks.

Our days are numbered, some even began counting down the days. We celebrated our five years anniversary. Five years ago, i came in immature and young, not knowing what i was doing and not knowing who i wanted to be. Five years later, i can't say that i've known it all or know the answers to the questions. We had our last tutorial session (may be in my entire study life) and if any tutorial session is to be remembered, it is this. Years of being with my friends in class, helping one another to solve the questions, makes me think about the future. I am who i am today because of my friends too.

Sometimes over at dinner, or just hanging out and chatting, we recollect our memories of the earlier days of university life- the courses, the old neighbourhood, the spontaneous adventures, other friends and how some of us have changed, physically. There is a quote: good friends know your stories, best friends live in them.

In the past few weeks, we went for whitewater rafting in Gopeng, thanks to Groupon, one of my to-do list was fulfilled. We explored and favoured the Pusing food stalls. I had the famous Bota satay. The random movie nights and late nights. There's still much to do with so little time.

I've also read The Highest Tide and Life of Pi, both very interesting books. The Great House was confusing to fit the pieces of the story together at first but in the end, when i got it, it is pretty amazing. Oh, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, Monster University and Percy Jackson; so many movies. And not to mention, the craze over the minions by McD. Even the outlet in Seri Iskandar was sold out and people queued up at midnight for the new editions.

Why i titled this post Imagine is simple: just imagine. The future. I've mentioned about the uncertainty but what i am most concerned is, will i change in the future and forget the person i am today. I know i sound a bit sappy but this is a different industry and a different generation. I need people to remind me of who i am and not be lost in the many things i am soon to be in. Very soon, i am stepping into another stage of my life and time is of true essence and the quality of it is precious. I get excited and nervous just thinking of it.

Five years ago, i would never have imagined myself now. I was just telling my friends that five years ago, we imagined university life and the years we have to undertake and now, we are so near the finishing line. Time itself is a wonder is it?

wc13 has a powerful imagination, but at the end of the day, he needs to come down to reality and face the truth. In these few weeks, he needs to push through the presentations and reports before the final of final examination.


Ying said...

Love this quote:
"good friends know your stories, best friends live in them."

Ying said...

Written some sentence in eng, just for u =p